Each year, one or more local heroes will be honored and celebrated at Freedom Walkway. The Freedom Walkway Local Heroes Committee accepts nominations of individuals or groups of individuals who have made a significant contribution

to the cause of justice and equality for all citizens.

New nominations should be submitted by Friday, July 17th to be considered for 2020.  Entries received after July 17th will be held for consideration next year.



Freedom Walkway is a place to recognize and celebrate “local heroes” for the cause of greater justice and equality for all citizens. It is not the goal of the Walkway to serve merely as a historic monument; rather, it is intended to be a place to inspire and empower future generations to strive for equality and justice in their day and time. With the Friendship Nine as a model, the interpretive elements of the Walkway will honor citizens who meet the following criteria:

a. Individuals or groups of individuals who live or lived in the Rock Hill/York County area (organizations are not eligible);

b. Played a significant role through advocacy or actions in promoting equality and justice for all citizens in Rock Hill/York County; and

c. Their actions/advocacy challenged existing norms and conventions in the community, placing these individuals or groups at odds with community leadership and putting at risk their reputations, security, freedom, livelihood or even their lives.

Thank you for your submission!