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Each year, one or more local heroes will be honored and celebrated at Freedom Walkway.  With the Friendship 9 as a model, the Walkway honors citizens who have fought, either today or in the past, for the cause of greater justice
and equality for all.  The Freedom Walkway Local Heroes Committee accepts nominations of individuals or groups of individuals who have made a significant contribution 
to the cause of justice and equality for all citizens.



Freedom Walkway is a place to recognize and celebrate local heroes for the cause of greater justice and equality for all citizens.  There are three key criteria for the honor.  Nominees should be an individual or group of individuals who either today or in the past have:

a. Live or lived in the Rock Hill / York County area
    (organizations are not eligible);

b. Played a significant role through advocacy or actions in promoting
    equality and justice for all citizens in Rock Hill/York County; and

c. Challenged community norms while demonstrating unselfish leadership,
    perseverance and sacrifice, despite potential risk to reputation,
    livelihood, safety or even their lives.


New nominations should be submitted by Friday, June 28 to be considered for 2024.  Entries received after June 30 will be held for consideration next year.
Download the Printable PDF Form in order to submit your nomination, or use the online submission form below.

Thank you for your submission!

For additional information contact Janice Miller at 803-329-7013 or

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